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The Estimate

By February 21, 2019No Comments

After emergency service repairs are complete, Sunrise will prepare a detailed estimate for you and your insurance carrier outlining necessary repairs of the structure, for the contents or for a combination of both. After we obtain approval from you and our insurance carrier, the repairs are scheduled to begin.

You are not required to get more than one estimate. You can choose the contractor of your choice to perform the repair work on your property.

Please realize contractor prices will vary. There are big differences between restoration specialists, remodelers, and contractors. We strongly recommend that you use a certified restoration contractor.

Sunrise has always been committed to providing quality services at a reasonable cost. We do not offer “good, cheap” restoration repairs because we do not believe there is such a thing. However, as a full service restoration contractor, we strive to offer excellent, competitively priced repairs.

Sunrise prepares its estimates only for the repair or replacement of the items damaged as a result of the insurance claim. In preparing your estimate we make every effort to use our expertise in writing a thorough, honest, and comprehensive report of apparent damage. However, and estimate is just that… an estimate.

Occasionally hidden damage is found. If this occurs, we immediately notify you and the insurance company about the supplemental repairs. After we document hidden damage and obtain approval from the insurance company, the repair process is continued.