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Guarantee & Payment

By February 21, 2019February 26th, 2019No Comments


Sunrise is fully insured and offers a written one year limited warranty on the repairs made to your home or property.


Your insurance carrier will be providing you with an insurance draft for payment of the repairs to your home. Depending on the magnitude or type of repairs involved, you may receive several progress payments during the course of the work. Your insurance company may wish to issue payment in full prior to the work being started or, in some cases, after the repairs have been completed. The Estimator or Project Manager will discuss these arrangements with you and your insurance carrier early in the repair process.

Generally, insurance drafts will be made payable to you, Sunrise, and sometimes a lending institution if you have a mortgage or home equity loan. Because of the extensive amount of information and paperwork required by most mortgage companies, a Sunrise representative will be happy to handle this part of the endorsement process for you.

Sunrise requests payment in full on an agreed upon draw schedule before any change orders are started, and to be paid in full upon substantial completion of our work for you.

To avoid delays in the progress of your restoration work, please let your Project Manager know when you receive payment for the repairs. This will enable Sunrise to begin the process of obtaining the endorsement of all payees on the draft, which can sometimes be a lengthy process.