Storm and Wind Damage Restoration

Mind-blowing Destruction

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Did you know that the greatest amount of insured property damage is caused by wind? From thunderstorms and tropical storms to hurricanes and tornadoes, these events have caused tens of billions of dollars worth of damage throughout the nation. And it’s no wonder—the energy produced by wind can be astonishing.

Wind and Storm Damage Restoration

Although we don’t have to worry about hurricanes here in Mid-Michigan, we do have to deal with some of the most lethal winds of all—tornadoes. When it comes to tornadoes, winds over 200 mph are routine.

With wind comes lightning, hail and rain. All of these weather events have the ability to cause major property damage.

Did you lose some shingles? Did the gutter come off the eaves? Did a tree fall on the fence, garage or roof? Did lightning knock out the electronics in your home? How about the wiring itself? Is there a big wet spot on your ceiling? Where did the TV antenna go?

The Sunrise Solution: Remove, Repair and Clean-Up

Storm damage

Sunrise Cleaning and Construction Services can help you resolve each and every one of these problems. Our emergency service crews respond immediately and are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Some of the storm and wind damage restoration services we offer include:

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