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Unhealthy, Moldy Mess

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When water intrudes a building, it often gets trapped in small spaces, hidden from view. This trapped water often leads to mold growth—and mold can negatively affect both the health of a building and the people in it.

Mold and the Media Hype

While mold is definitely an unhygienic substance that no one wants to have in their home or office, the media sometimes creates unnecessary panic about mold. Some types of mold can produce harmful toxins, and this so-called “toxic mold” has received a lot of press in recent years. Many restoration companies prey upon the public’s fears and persuade their customers to pay for expensive, unnecessary mold removal and repairs. Don’t let these companies take advantage of you.

Turn to Sunrise for honest, reliable mold removal service

At Sunrise Cleaning and Construction Services, we strive to serve each of our customers with integrity and respect. That’s why we have adopted a policy to have independent, third party environmental consultants assess our customer’s property and determine if mold growth exists. We then follow the protocol written by the consultants to ensure honest, effective mold removal. Although Michigan state law does not require this process, we at Sunrise want to be known as the most trustworthy restoration company in the community.

The Sunrise Solution: Assess, Remove and Clean

If a third party environmental consultant determines that mold does exist in your home or office, we will then have our expert technicians remove it. However, in the case of mold caused by water intrusion, we first advise our customers to find the source of the water and correct it. Sunrise also provides water extraction and drying services. Once the source of water is eliminated, we then provide the following mold removal services:

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