How it works!

The Esporta Wash System utilizes specially formulated detergents and disinfectants to work deep into the equipment to remove bacteria, mold, and fungus that cause the health threat to the player.  The water-based system is clinically proven to kill these contaminants and ensure the highest level of hygiene and safety for the athletes.

 What can it clean?

The Esporta system can professionally clean equipment used in football, baseball, hockey, lacrosse, wrestling, and field hockey.  Helmets, shoulder pads, elbow pads, footwear, knee and shin pads, skates, gloves- virtually any equipment used by an athlete can be cleaned.  When using the patented Esporta system, teams can now have their sports equipment cleaned and disinfected before the next big game.

Sunrise -the only local location

Sunrise Cleaning & Construction Services is the areas only fully Esporta trained and Esporta Certified location.  This means your equipment is being handled and cleaned using the methods and detergents recommended by Esporta.  Your sports equipment is recieving the best care possible.

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